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Kuwait supports New Delhi, refuses to allow anti-India protests by Pak group

Here's more evidence that the support Pakistan had in the Gulf is also vanishing, and quickly. India has strong ties with the UAE and Saudi Arabia and also, other countries in the area. Now, Kuwait has taken strong action against All Pakistan Overseas Organisation International (APOOI) after it planned a protest march against India in Kuwait on August 24. Very clearly, protests like the ones outside the Indian High Commission in London were not acceptable. Anticipating a ruckus, highly placed government sources said that three members of the APOOI were "picked up" a day before their August 24 protest march.

The three organisers were Khalil, who works for the Kuwaiti ministry of electricity and water, Shehzad Qureshi, associated with a private firm, and Mushtaq Qureshi, who works as an event manager. Both Shehzad Qureshi and Khalil were deported, put on a Kuwaiti Airways plane and sent to Pakistan within a week. The sources said that they were even denied counsellor access.

The decision is seen as more evidence of the Gulf countries to stand with India. In the past, some Gulf countries have deported many Pakistanis, ostensibly for visa fraud and similar offences, but reportedly for alleged terror links.

India's relations with Oman are also very good. The navies of the two countries have just finished a three-day discussion on having more exercises, sharing experiences on weapons and equipment and working together on training schedules. Very clearly, even in the Gulf, there is little support for Pakistan.

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