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‘By God they’ve reached sixth generation warfare’ says panicked Zaid Hamid after seeing Modi’s cloud statement

Backing up from his computer with a startled gasp, self proclaimed defence analyst Zaid Hamid knocked over his computer chair and animatedly grasped at his chest after realising that India had moved on to sixth generation warfare, even as Pakistan was still trying to root out fifth generation warfare.

“By God they’ve reached sixth generation warfare” said Hamid after he saw the statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which he revealed that he had ordered the Balakot strikes because it had been cloudy that night, and so that Indian aircrafts could go undetected by Pakistani radars.

“I always knew they were already working on this sixth generation stuff, but it was all hypothetical. Still in labs” he said as his family tried to fan him and give him water. “But this … this changes everything” he said, his head slowly dropping in the middle of his folded arms which were propped up on his knees.

The bent over Hamid continued to slide, assuming the feotal position as he continued to sob.

“We hadn’t even managed to finish the fifth generation stuff out. What will we do now? We will have to drastically change our approach” he said, stepping out of his house to his garage to do a couple of karate tricks and clear his head.

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