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16 Extraordinary Things Indian Navy Commanders Do

The highly trained Indian Navy Commandos are one of the most elite forces around the world. They are trained for cross-border and open-seas precision surgical strikes. They undergo one of the most rigorous training programs and we are about to see what exactly they do.

1. All personnel who want to try for MARCOS are qualified for a HAHO/HALO jump

2. During everyday training, the day begins with a 20-kilometer run

3. 20-kilometer night treks with 60-kilo load

4. They have proficiency in foreign languages like Arabic, Mandarin so that they can gather foreign intelligence.

5. They are expected to have a reaction time of 0.27 seconds

6. They are taught to fire their guns lying down, in full sprint and a full backward sprint. Also, they are taught to shoot looking in a mirror.

7.They are put through high altitude warfare(fighting in the cold), jungle warfare (fighting in the jungles), mountain warfare (fighting in the mountains)

8.Advanced training lasts for 2 years and more

9.More than 90% of the applicants drop out because of the rigorous course they are put through.

10.And after all this, they are supposed to shoot a target with a buddy soldier right beside it from 25 meters away

11. And then comes a 2.5-kilometer obstacle course that even good soldiers would fail

12. Then, in the end, they are asked to run trough thigh-high thick mud with a 25-kilo backpack

13.They get less than 4 hours of sleep in the course of the week, and the daily physical tasks happen every day

14.There is a week of continuous training with over 20 hours in a day spent in continuous physical exertion

15.Once in a week they are supposed to walk 120 kilometers with a 60-kilo load on their backs

16. Training is conducted with live ammunition.

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