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1st Installment of Rs 6000 cr already paid to Russia for S-400 Missile Systems

India wants Russia to deliver the S-400 missile system as soon as possible. India has also paid the first installment of 6000 crores to Russia for this system. Now India wants to add it to its fleet without delay. This missile system can spot and destroy jets, spy planes, missiles and drones in 380 km land.

According to sources, the 19th Indo-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Military and Military Technical Corporation (IRIGC-M & MTC) to be held in Moscow on Wednesday will be discussed for early delivery of five S-400 squads.

In October 2018, the S-400 contract of about US $ 5.43 billion (about 40 thousand crores) was signed between the two countries. At the meeting, the lease of nuclear-powered submarine Akula-1 will also be discussed.

The contract was signed between the two countries in March this year on a deal of more than $ 3 billion, which is about 21000 crores. In addition, the Delegation-level negotiations will also discuss mutual military goods treaty. India's defense minister Rajnath Singh and his Russian counterpart Sergi Shoigu will co-lead the meeting. India wants the lease of the INS cycle to be extended until it is fully ready to join the Indian Navy in 2025 or the Akula-1 submarine.

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