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A failed state that protected Hafiz Saeed, Osama bin Laden: India reacts to Pakistan playing victim card at UN

India on Friday lashed out at Pakistan for playing the victim card after providing safe haven to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden and UN-designated terrorist Hafiz Saeed.

“It is extraordinary that the state which protected Osama Bin Laden and sheltered Mullah Omar should have the gumption to play the victim,” said India's Second Secretary Mini Devi Kumam while responding to Pakistan's accusations of human rights violations at 37th session of UN Human Rights Council.

"In gross violation of UN Security Council resolution 1267, the UN designated terrorists like Hafiz Mohammed Saeed are freely operating with State support, and the UN designated entities are being politically mainstreamed in Pakistan," added Kumam.

Saeed, the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai attacks, is the founder of banned terrorists organisation Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Following his release from house arrest by a Pakistan court last year, there was widespread global outcry. Saeed went on to launch his political party, and announced his decision to contest polls in Pakistan.

Asserting that Pakistan continues to support cross-border terrorism in India, Kumam added, "Even as terrorists thrive in Pakistan and roam its streets with impunity, we have heard it lecture about the protection of human rights in India. The world does not need lessons on democracy and human rights from a country whose own situation is charitably described as a failed state."

"They are raising funds in flagrant violations of Pakistan's international obligations," she added.

"We await credible action by the Government of Pakistan to bring all those involved in the 2008 Mumbai attack and the 2016 Pathankot and Uri attacks to justice," she said.

Kumam also demanded that Pakistan should end forced conversions and marriages of minorities; including Hindu, Sikh and Christian women, and prosecute all such cases.

India also highlighted enforced disappearances and unlawful killing of political dissidents by the Pakistani security forces.

"We urge the Council to call on Pakistan to stop targeting political dissidents and legitimate criticism in Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and to stop torture, enforced disappearances and unlawful killing, including that of journalists and activists by its security agencies. Pakistan should also prosecute all perpetrators of such crimes," Kumam said.

India also demanded the end of sectarian violence, systemic persecution and attacks on Muslim minorities, such as Shia, Ahmadiyas, Ismailia and Hazaras in Pakistan.

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