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BrahMos missiles to become lighter, better: DRDO scientist

India will develop next-generation BrahMos missiles, which will be lighter than the earlier ones and can be mounted on aircraft or torpedos, according to Dr Sudhir Mishra, Distinguished Scientist and Director General (BrahMos), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Currently, the cruise missile that was test-fired from Sukhoi30 MKI fighter, is being upgraded so that three to four missiles could be fired from the aircraft, said Mishra.

In 2007, the Indian Army became the world’s first land force to deploy the tactical BrahMos. Presently, the Army operates three regiments equipped with various configurations of BrahMos land attack cruise missiles (LACM).

A fourth BrahMos regiment is currently under formation and its 290-km range will improve India’s striking reach into the Tibet Autonomous Region and counter China’s elaborate missile deployment.

Charting out the agenda for upgrading BrahMos this year, he said flight a test would be conducted for life extension of BrahMos missile, which is important and hence a challenge.

“We are planning to increase life of the missile by opening it up and have done quality testing,” said Mishra.

Vladimir Drozzhov, Deputy Director of Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia, told Express that BrahMos is the most successful joint venture with India. The missile highlights the Indo-Russian cooperation.

Interestingly, India has been successful in indigenising the missile by about 80 per cent after it tested the indigenous seeker. The seeker, a critical technology in missiles, was earlier exported from Russia.

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