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Confirmed: MOAB killed Pakistan army officers backing terrorists

The MOAB or Mother of All Bombs did not just kill operatives of the Islamic State in Afghanistan. Reports emerging suggest that terrorists of the Tehrik-e-Taliban and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba too were killed in the bombing by the United States at Nangarhar, Afghanistan last week. Interestingly, there is also confirmation of retired Pakistan army officer being killed in the bombing.

Tolo News reported that several Pakistan nationals, 12 Tajikistanis and thirteen Indian nationals were also killed in the bombing. The website says that the death of both the Indian and Tajikistan nationals have been confirmed by the respective intelligence agencies.

Terrorists Killed ::
- Commander Mukhtar, retired Pakistani army officer
- Geeta, an Indian national
- Commander Imran, a member of Orakzai tribe
- Commander Aftab, from Pakistani province of Punjab
- Hamza Orakzai, a member of Orakzai tribe
- Commander Abu Bakr, Daesh's chief of operations
- Shahid Omar, member of TTP
- Welcome, brother of Hafiz Saeed
- Sheikh Weqas, member of Lashkar-e-Tayiba
- Commander Mohammad, an Indian national
- Yasir, known as Khurasani, a member of Orakzai tribe
- Commander Hanif Kunari, a member of the Orakzai tribe
- Hajji Saad Kunari, a member of the Orakzai tribe

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