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IGI Airport, crowds break into spontaneous applause when they see IndianArmy Soldiers - The day has come

In times when the Indian Army has been under heightened discussion especially on social media, a recent video shared on Twitter skirts all the controversies and sharp difference of opinions surrounding it.

The video shows some armed personnel being welcomed to a rapturous applause at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in Delhi.

The video was shared on the micro-blogging website by Major Gaurav Acharya, who describes himself as a veteran, writer, public speaker and patriot.

Indian Troops were returning from a UN mission and landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport today at 0300 hrs. The soldiers and officers were greeted on arrival by spontaneous applause by the staff and also other passengers. I have never seen this happening in India. Reaction to this is simply fantastic, in the Army. They feel honoured and loved.
Major Gaurav Acharya to The Indian Express

Acharya’s tweet received a slew of reactions praising the personnel.

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