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ISRO displays space suit, crew model for 2022 mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) on Thursday displayed a space suit developed by the agency. The suit was displayed at the launch of the sixth edition of Bengaluru Space Expo. The orange-coloured prototype space suit was developed over the past two years at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Thiruvananthapuram.

The suit can hold one oxygen cylinder, allowing an astronaut to breathe in space for 60 minutes.

Isro has developed two suits and will create one more suit as three astronauts will be part of mission to send Indians into space on an Indian spacecraft by 2022.

The space research body also displayed the crew model and the crew escape model. A prototype crew model has already been tested by the Isro.

In the crew model capsule, the three astronauts will be living for five to seven days in a 400-km orbit from the Earth's surface. The capsule will have a thermal shield and it will turn into a ball of flame travelling towards the Earth when they re-enter the atmosphere.

The shield will ensure that the temperature inside the capsule is 25 degrees Celsius, but the astronauts can see the flames just through the window.

The capsule is expected to rotate around the Earth every 90 minutes and astronauts will be able to witness sunrise and sunset.

The three astronauts can also see India from space twice every 24 hours. They will conduct experiments on microgravity.

French space agency CNES will share their expertise in the fields of space medicine, astronaut health monitoring, life support, radiation protection, space debris protection and personal hygiene system.

The capsule containing three astronauts will take 16 minutes from take-off to reach the desired orbit 400-km from Earth, and while returning will take 36 minutes to reach Earth.

The capsule is expected to land in the Arabian Sea, just off the coast of Gujarat where Indian Navy and Coast Guards will be on standby to lift the capsule as soon as it lands on water.

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