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ISRO releases Video of Crew Escape System Test

The Indian Space Research Organisation on Friday released the video of a flight test of a crew escape system for manned space mission. Isro flight tested the crew escape system on Thursday morning.

The edited video lasting for 1.39minutes recorded every stage of the test -- from take off to splashdown.

The ‘pad abort’ experiment involved firing the 12.6-tonne crew capsule -- using seven solid propellant motors -- from Sriharikota at 7am after a five-hour countdown. Cameras installed around the launchpad captured the take off.

On reaching an altitude of 2.7km (one-third the altitude of a commercial aircraft), the capsule arced towards the Bay of Bengal, deployed two parachutes and landed on the sea, 2.9km from the launchpad.

Onboard cameras recorded the parachute deployment while cameras along the coast captured the module soft landing on the Bay of Bengal.

The test was a baby step for India, 56 years after the USSR and the US sent men to space. China sent men to space in 2013.

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