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India now exports critical components of Heavy Water Nuclear Reactors to the World

Nuclear reactors and Kozhikode. What links could they possibly have? As hyped-up as the question may sound, given Kozhikode is little known for industrialisation, the reality is an eye-opener.

The most critical components of heavy water reactors of nuclear power plants around the world are being manufactured by a group of Malayali engineers at a Kozhikode-based company.

Even the Kudankulam nuclear power plant, being built by Russia, is using the heavy water reactor valves and motors manufactured at the city plant of Peekay Steel Castings Pvt Ltd.

The company has been providing crucial components to United States-based Flowserve Raleigh Operations and Nasosenergomash (Sumy, Ukraine) of HMS Group, Russia, which supply and install the main components for nuclear reactors.

“These two companies are the major suppliers of components for nuclear reactors and we have been manufacturing Level I quality heavy water reactor valves, the most critical component of the reactor, for them,” Peekay Steel Castings joint managing director K E Shanavaz told The Sunday Standard.

The company emerged one of the principal component suppliers for nuclear reactors after experts from the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant, the end user of nuclear castings, visited the engineering unit and evaluated the quality of products here.

Giving little room for error, the engineers have been making high precision valves and other components for the past couple of years. “We get orders to make six to seven valves a month,” Shanavaz said.

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