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India using chemical weapons against innocent civilians - claims LeT

Miltiant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) on Wednesday said that India was using deadly chemical weapons against innocent civilians, and “brutally distorting” the bodies.

In a statement emailed to news agency KNS, the outfit chief, Mahmood Shah said that war ethics demand not going beyond the limits of humanitarian ethics, but “Indian forces” were “constantly involved in usage of chemical weapons in Jammu Kashmir.”
Stating that usage of chemical weapons in warfare was an international crime Shah said,

“We demand the United Nations and Humanitarian organizations to take notice of this barbarism. If the peace-keeping organisations are unable to stop India, then the stability of this whole region is at stake, thus it would be difficult to put a stop to India’s barbarism,” he said.

He added that global players must strive for the sovereignty of Jammu Kashmir, while setting aside their personal motives. “India is a terrorist state. Israel is accompanying India in its wicked motives,” he said.

“It is forbidden to attack women, children, elderly, and sick during any war. But India is constantly involved in this crime against humanity, which is a shameful sin. History shall be written with golden words that the nation of Jammu Kashmir stood behind their freedom Fighters through thick and thin against a tyrant occupier,” LeT chief added.

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