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India's MiG-29 finally gets the much needed upgrade, more lethal and ferocious now

The Indian Air Force's MiG-29, which has a good operational record, has gained in strength and ferocity after the recent upgrade, giving IAF, which is facing a shortage of fighter aircraft, a much-needed shot in the arm. The Russian origin aircraft is now capable of mid-air refueling and is also compatible with latest missiles to launch multi-dimensional attacks along with Multi-Functional Display (MFD) screen, Flight Lieutenant Karan Kohli, who is deployed at Adampur Air Force Station, told PTI.

Last week, the upgraded fighter jet showcased its combat capabilities at Adampur Air Force Station. "With the upgrade, as compared to previous 'legacy version' of the MiG-29 bought under an emergency clause in the early 1980s, the fighter jets are capable to give a befitting response," said Kohli.

An official, requesting anonymity, when asked about any possible two-front war with China and Pakistan said that the fighter jets are capable to give befitting response after the current upgrades.

The IAF has faced long-standing issues due to a large number of ageing Soviet-era fighters in its inventory. So, in order to enhance their operational capabilities, the IAF initiated the process of a comprehensive modernisation plan to upgrade its fighter fleet.

One of the most popular export aircraft of Russia, Mig 29 is currently operational in 23 countries with India being one of the largest export operators of the fighter jet.

India became the first international customer of the MiG-29 after IAF placed an order for more than 50 MiG-29s in 1980 while the aircraft was still in its initial development phase. The IAF has three squadrons of operational MiG-29 fighter jets with two of them at the Adampur Air Force Station.

Adampur station had played an important role in destroying enemy fortifications located at heights of 15,000 feet and above in the 1999 Kargil War. Similarly, in 1965 and 1971 war, the base was used for the air campaign against Pakistan inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy.

The country will celebrate the Air Force day tomorrow.

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