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NSA Chief Ajit Doval To Meet US Defence Secretary On March 24: Pentagon

India and the US will discuss a wide range of bilateral security issues and defence ties during National Security Adviser Ajit Doval's visit to the country. US Defence Secretary James Mattis will meet Mr Doval on March 24, Pentagon spokesperson Jeff Davis told reporters during a press conference in Washington.

They are likely to discuss a wide range of bilateral security issues and those related to the defence relationship.

"Clearly India is a very strong security partner and a force in the region. We continue to have very good relationship with India in the region," Mr Davis said in response to a question.

The Mattis-Doval meeting later this week would be one of the highest-level meetings between the two countries after the Trump Administration came to power on January 20.

Mr Doval is also expected to meet his American counterpart Lieutenant General HR McMaster at the White House, the first between the two national security advisors.

Mr Davis said he is not aware of the reasons for Mr Doval's visit to the US, but the Defense Secretary would be meeting Mr Doval on the sidelines of the international meeting of anti-ISIS Coalition being hosted by the US State Department later this week.

Earlier this month, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar met Mr McMaster at the White House.

During his Washington trip, Dr Jaishankar was also scheduled to meet the Defence Secretary. However, the meeting did not take place as Mr Mattis was travelling.

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