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Pakis once again watch a 'FREE BALOCHISTAN' campaign on over 100 busses in London

  • The 'Free Balochistan' campaign has found its way to London, with more than a 100 buses flaunting posters about it
  • The campaign was being carried out on London's famous black cabs too
  • Pakistan put pressure on the UK to have the campaign removed from the taxis

The 'Free Balochistan' campaign has now found its way to London, with more than a 100 buses carrying advertisements that say "Free Balochistan", "Save The Baloch People" and "Stop Enforced Disappearances", reported ANI.

Pakistan is, of course, not happy.

The campaign started early this month with posters exposing atrocities committed by Pakistan in the Baloch region being splashed across taxis. It was launched by the World Baloch Organization (WBO) and is gaining strength despite Pakistan's desperate attempts to nip it in the bud.

Already, the Pakistan government has complained to the UK envoy in Islamabad. Following pressure from it on the UK foreign office, Transport for London ordered the removal of the advertisement from the city's famous black cabs.

Still, on November 13, which is celebrated as Baloch Martyrs Day, the WBO upped the ante and moved its campaign to London's buses.

Pakistani officials have labeled the campaign as "malicious" and "anti-Pakistan." This is not the first time a peaceful advertising campaign such as this one has irked Pakistan.

Baloch leaders and WBO members had protested the removal of their slogans from London's black cabs. They claimed it was an attack on their freedom of expression and that Pakistan was acting like a bully by stifling and censoring the voices of Baloch people.

"Pakistan's reaction is testimony to its suppressive nature, aggressively trying to curb our rights in UK, imagine the situation in Balochistan," tweeted WBO spokesperson Bhawal Mengal on November 4.

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