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Rizvi: India to sell old-fashioned weapons to Bangladesh through defence pact

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has said that India wants to sell archaic weapons to Bangladesh through the proposed 25-year defence pact.

Referring to a statement by one of India’s former military chiefs, Rizvi said that most of the weapons India would provide were old-fashioned and far from the standards of modern weaponry equipped with the latest technology.

He made the claim during a press conference held at BNPs Nayapaltan headquarters on Friday afternoon.

The BNP leader said: “It is matter of great confusion what type ordnance would India, a military hardware importing country, export to Bangladesh.”

“Bangladesh’s defence would be an extension of the Indian defence system if the agreement is inked, as it would create a sort of obedience,” Rizvi added.

“India has proposed a $500 million in line of credit to Bangladesh to purchase their military equipment, which means Bangladesh will have an obligation to spend a huge amount to purchase their military hardware.”

Bangladeshi people have started realising that India has hidden motives behind the deal, Rizvi added.

Media reports suggest that India and Bangladesh are going to sign a defence cooperation agreement, including the purchase of military equipment from India, during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to New Delhi in April.

The senior BNP leader also called upon the government to make around 50 other “secretly” signed treaties with India public.

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