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Sailor who underwent sex-change discharged from service by Indian Navy

Naval sailor who underwent a sex reassignment surgery has been discharged from service, a press release said. The press release by the Indian Navy said that the sailor decided to undergo the surgery "on his own accord, whilst on leave willfully altering his gender status".

Manish Kumar Giri has undergone a sex re-assignment operation a few months ago. The process for her discharge from service was initiated in August this year. The case was taken up with the Ministry of Defence.

"We have asked the government on the action to be taken by us regarding the sailor as she has spent her own money to change sex," a Navy source told Mail Today.

The current rules and regulations of the Indian Naval Services do not permit the sailor nto continue the services due to the altered gender status.

The decision of the Indian Navy received a lot of flak when the matter came into public arena as armed forces were being questioned about the induction of women in armed forces.

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