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Third Paratrooper Dead in One Year at Malpura Dropping Zone as Parachute Fails to Open

In a sorry incident reported from Agra, a special forces paratrooper lost his life after his parachute failed to open on time during his jump in the Malpura Dropping Zone in Agra on Friday. Earlier in November 2018 another paratrooper had lost his life in a similar way when his parachute failed to open. This is the third incident within a year where a paratrooper had lost his life after a parachute malfunctioned.

As per information, the deceased Special Forces paratrooper was identified as Amit Kumar from Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. Amit had taken a plunge for 6000 feet as he was undergoing para jumping training. As per reports, both the main and reserve parachutes didn’t open resulting in the free fall of the paratrooper. The paratrooper was rushed to Army hospital where he was declared brought dead by the doctors.

Speaking to media, SHO Sadar, Udai Veer Malik said, “The deceased paratrooper Amit Kumar, son of Shakti Singh hailed from Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. He was undergoing para jumping training and his both main and reserve parachutes failed to open after he jumped from 6000 feet, he died after falling from such a height.”

Taking a count of Friday’s incident, total of three paratroopers have lost their lives in a similar way in last one year in the same zone. Last year in the month of November, Hardeep Singh hailing from Patiala district in Punjab had also died as his main and reserve parachute failed to open.

Earlier on November 8, 2018, a special forces paratrooper, Hardeep Singh, 32, was killed during a jump at the Malpura Dropping Zone. He was from a village in Patiala district in Punjab. In his case too, the main and the reserve parachute did not open. Before that Lance Nayak Sunil Kumar from Palwal district in Haryana, belonging to Para One Special Force of Indian Army had died as he was undergoing refresher course in the month of March 2018.

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