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WATCH Indian Army Man Breaks The Dance Floor With Stunning Steps to Aloo Chat Song

A dance video of an Indian Army soldier is doing rounds on social media. The soldier can be seen grooving to the song Aloo Chat by Kailash Kher, RDB and Nindy Kaur. The personnel can be seen hip-hoping and locking quite effortlessly in this fast-paced song. He is cheered by people standing around him.

Indian Army always stands to serve the nation and for its citizens. They have always made our country proud be it in war or peace. We should never forget their sacrifices. But, keeping their duty aside, we should not forget that they are humans too and have several other interests like singing and dancing just like us.

In the 2.24 minute video, the Indian Army man feels free to share his talent.

The soldier keeps coming up with new surprises for the viewers. The video has gained a huge popularity on the internet.

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