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'Why are you with Army?' Shocking terrorism on tape as Pakistan's proxies thrash J&K man for serving India

In a chilling video accessed by Times Now, Hizbul Mujahideen leaders can be seen harassing and thrashing a political worker in Jammu and Kashmir and threatening him to take a vow to not support the mainstream political parties or the security forces in the region in future.

This video comes in the wake of the recent crackdown on the Hizbul militants by the security forces in the region.
In the video, an Indian man is being humiliated at gunpoint and berated for working for India - he is forced to apologise and to take a vow that he would not help mainstream political parties in the future.

"Have we picked up the gun for our own welfare? We have done this to end the reign of oppression," a militant is heard telling the innocent man.

The militant further says, "What has happened to you, why are you siding with these people? Policemen or army or CRPF, they are not friends, even if he is our own brother, he is an enemy."

Watch the shocking terrorism on tape in this exclusive report.

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