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Why doesn't the Indian Army cross the LoC and make PoK history?

Although, India firmly believes that Kashmir is an integral part of its territory, why India is tolerating Pakistan and China's occupation of parts of J&K state and keeping guard on LoC only?

Pakistan is continuously indulging in barbaric acts along the LoC. It has been violating ceasefire by continuously firing at Poonch and Rajouri sectors of the LoC for the last seven days, affecting life of over ten thousand Indian civilians, out of whom about 2500 people have already left their homes to seek refuge in shelter homes.

Barbarism of Pakistan is repeatedly injuring India. Beheading of Indian soldiers is their known "game". How long should India bear these inhuman acts by Pakistan?

Directly or indirectly, Pakistan is raging havoc in Kashmir through its sponsored separatists and terrorists. On May 9, Lt Ummer Fayaz of the Indian Army who had come home to Kashmir on a personal visit was abducted and brutally killed by terrorists. Till then, the India Army had already started a special operation to search and kill militants; and as a result, Pakistan instantly started indiscriminate firing at the borders violating ceasefire just to divert attention of the Army from terrorists and engage them in battle with the Pakistan Army. They are always a step ahead in this "game" and India only responds.

Links between terrorists of Kashmir who shout "azadi" and Pakistan were clearly established by the speech of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Zakir Musa, who openly, on May 13, threatened to slit the throats of Hurriyat leaders if they continued to call the Kashmir issue "political" and not an Islamic one. He made it clear that azadi means formation of Kashmir as an Islamic state and so, they were more inclined towards Pakistan.

Now every action of Pakistan and the terrorists is crystal clear – they want to form an Islamic state and merge with Pakistan. Pakistan is not content with just a piece of Kashmir (PoK) but wants the whole region which in under Indian control. All this is happening under the close watch of ISIS, whose flag is often raised by stone-pelters in Kashmir.

In the last election of 2014, majority of Kashmiris voted for the BJP, which shows that they are interested in the development of their state and do not want to indulge themselves in any religious bias. Religion is a personal matter and they want the state to progress. Perhaps, that's why they did not opt for any "Islamic" agenda. But Pakistan-sponsored terrorists like Wani, Musa and many more like them are burdening Kashmiris with their agenda of an Islamic state, disturbing peace in the Valley and misleading the youth.

Now, what should India do, wait for Pakistan's next step and then respond, or take a bold step? Surgical strike was a great step, but it was hardly enough to end the menace of cross-border terrorism, so we need more such operations.

It is high time that India chalks out a clear plan, and takes major steps. Major steps like scrapping Article 370 that gives special autonomous status to Kashmir. It is the first and foremost step that must be implemented. The second step, unfurling of the Tiranga in the Valley and telling peace-loving Kashmiris that we are with you. Thirdly, starting a strong military action along the LoC to capture PoK.

This will be the only permanent solution. However, it needs strong political will and a strong military. Fortunately, we have a strong people supported and people oriented government now and our defence forces are also very strong. If we do not take any stern steps now, then we might lose a golden opportunity. Then we will have no other choice but to cry foul over Pakistan's inhuman actions.

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